Michael Abell
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April 7, 1984

by Wendy Conner Michael's oldest sis

Born in Henrico Doctors Hospital after 27 hours of natural labor. I watched mom push him out along with several other family members. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. (She didn't actually birth other family members), we were all there to witness the miracle that was Michael Paul Abell. Me: Wendy (I was 12 yrs. old),Aunt Theresa,Ma Ma,Gramma Pat,Great Gramma Bea and of course his dad (who helped deliver him). 

December 25, 2000
Michael met the love of his life...Miss Christina R Callis. He loved her with all his heart and I'm sure he still does. We will always love her for how happy she made him. Thank you Tia.
June 16, 2002
After several months of busting his butt, he graduated high school. He couldn't let Lara have one up him, plus he wanted to prove naysayers wrong. And he did. He actually got an A on his final exam in English. I guess he had some "understandence" afterall. Everyone was so proud of him. : When Lara, and I graduated we had a tradition of going to Bennigans for after party...Michael, Christina, Mom and Dad left the grad. ceremony to drive straight to N.J.; Michael had to be in court for a minor incident at 8:30am the next morning. He never got his Monte Cristo  :(   ...well til' much later  ;)
Fall of 2004
Michael and the band Loser's Next Door (LND) won the Battle of the Bands at the Nanci Raygun in Richmond...It was a crazy night...We had a studio set-up in our basement in the Fan district of Richmond where the band could practice...which they did, the neighbors loved it! (after all... this is the VCU campus area).  They were ready to leave to go play at the show, Dad and Michael were loading Sully's van, dad's truck and Lara's Honda with all the equipment while Sully went to get  gas at the local Exxon. Sully, Bill, and another friend were attacked at the station because they had no change for one of the local homeless. The fool threw a beer bottle into the back window of Sully's mom's van, busting the window out. When they got back to the apt. (walking distance), Dad and Michael went looking for the guy...found him,  chased him down the Blvd. caught him and had him arrested....meanwhile Sully and Bill got the video surveillance tape to the cops. (case was taken care of later in court). We all Duct taped the back window and proceeded to the Nancy! I suppose the kids were hyped up after that incident because the fans were awesome and LND played a great show! They won  1st place in Battle of the Bands. They went on to become a favorite punk-rock band, playing in all the top clubs IN Richmond.  Michael even had one of his childhood dreams come true. He always said that when they could open for a favorite band, "Fighting Gravity" then he knew they were on their way. They did just that later at the Canal Club in the spring of 2005. That was a happy night for Michael. It would have been perfect except someone stole his fave' hoodie while they performed. (Never a dull moment in Richmond).  We had a great time in Nagshead at Neptunes Jan. 2005 when they played a set of 27 songs. We miss it so much.  We know he is now in the best band ever though, Rockin' with Jesus!
   Mom Cyndi
June 25, 2005

While we all sat in a hospital room, waiting to find out about my mom... She had been sick, but was improving. Michael had not shown up at the hospital and we couldn't understand. We are a tight family and he was the 1st grandson and close to his Ma Ma!
  At 2:19am  I stood up with a gut wrenching feeling. We all thought mom had died. The the Doc came in and said to go home...  that she was stable. We got home at 4:30 am.  Michael had not been home either. So I figured he was at a friends house. At 7:30 am We got that “Knock” on the door that we never want to hear….and to make a long story short ( I will get this all down soon )   He was murdered at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Richmond,Va. He was found on the ground in front of the building. The top floor window (16th story) was broken above him. There was signs of physical trauma on his body previous to his going out the window according to the ME. Time of death was between 2:15 and 2:30 am!!! That explains why I had that gut wrenching feeling now! Mom was in the hospital and we tried protecting her by keeping the news about Michael from her until she was better. That very day the evening news came on and mom heard about her grandson's murder over the speakers beside her bed. She died of shock 3 minutes after hearing it!  :'(

Michael Paul Abell 


Martha Belle Hale

     If anyone has ANY information that would help find justice for Michael and his family Please contact the Richmond,Va. Police-Homicide Division...Det. Conrad Simms.

(The absolute saddest day in our world. We as a family will never be the same without mom and Michael, GONE TO SOON!.
          We love and miss Michael SO much! FOREVER 21!
                              Love and Peace!    ^Â^

July 1, 2007
Still waiting on some answers from police, or for someone to feel convicted enough to come forward and admit to this heinous crime.  But still knowing that Mike is happier than ever in Heaven.
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