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Thinking Of You!  / Brynn Callis (Little Sister... )
Hey Handsom! I've been thinking about you lot here lately. And i miss you so much...But hey you would be proud of me man, i actually got somthin pierced and wasnt scared at all. lol. i wish you could have been there too see it. Even though i'm sure you really were there. Christina Stood beside me and laughed cuz i was jumpin an screechin. It was great. But, i'm going to end this now. I hope you are keepin those drums bangin in heaven. With that face i always used to make fun of you for makin. lol. I love you gorgeous, and miss you more than words could explain. 

- Your little Sister. <3 

I listened to Sorrows the other day and hearing your voice in the first part really helped me through the day. ^i^ 

k, im really going to stop typing now. 

Love you.

butterflies / Wendy Conner (sister)
I saw a beautiful butterfly today, thought of you. I miss you buddy!
Greatly Missed  / Sarie Johnson (Music Promoter )
Its taken me a while to find what to say-I just wish I had gotten to know Mike Better-But Mike, your missed. I remember the first LND I went to and promoted for with Painted Red-Andrew assured me I would love them - I didn't and I told them I didn't like the music but I respected them for getting up there and doing their thing- The music was good for what they played-Just not my cup of Tea- I'm glad that I was able to work with Abell- My younger brother (Terry J) and I will talk about Abell from time to time-He hung out with him more than I had and we'd laugh at stories

One thing about Mike- You'd never see him down, always smiling and goofing off- Some of my favorite moshing stories stem from LND Shows... Our thoughts are always with you-We miss you man-I'll catch you in the mosh pits on the other side!
missing you bad today  / Wendy Conner (sister)
hey bro, just got home from volleyball! I had so much fun and I could feel you all around! Nice fireworks from down here, how was your view? Wild I bet! And plus the lightning  show! It was an awesome day, just wish I could have hugged you bye like I did everyone else. Christina  looks good! Guess you kinda know that though! Anyhoo, I love you and I just wanted to take a minute to tell ya!
A Few Words About Michael  / Wendy Conner (Sis)
I just thought I'd share a few thoughts...Michael Paul was an awesome individual. He had such an impact  on so many. It was great to see so many people come out for the memorial. Thanks!
Just dropped by this site..  / Joshua Sullivan (Not well known by him, but was inspired by him to be a drummer )  Read >>
Just dropped by this site..  / Joshua Sullivan (Not well known by him, but was inspired by him to be a drummer )
Dont know how, but I ended up on this site..And have a few thigns to say. Abell was an awesome drummer, and just seeing him play drums with lnd and my brother david was so awesome..So I picked up drums...And he always kept me going, and though I barely ever even knew him I miss him like crazy and every time I hear sorrows I think Im gonna cryncause it brings back so many memories of their song being played on the radio..the concerts..and all of that. Abell, I wish you were still here...Still here to teach how you have so much energy at your shows..And how you play and all that...You rock, and Im gonna miss you..Peace. Close
Memorial / Wendy Conner (sister)  Read >>
Memorial / Wendy Conner (sister)
Having a Memorial for Michael on June 25th....to begin at Calvary's Love Ministries in Hopewell, Va....continue to Carson (Wendy's house) for food. then to Prince George (Paige's house) for more food and volleyball!!!
Be there! love ya all so much and thanks for all the support nad love this year. God knows, we have needed it and relied on it heavily!
The Family of Michael Paul Abell Close
I LOVE YOU!!  / Brynn Callis (Little Sister. . )  Read >>
I LOVE YOU!!  / Brynn Callis (Little Sister. . )

Michael, Why did u have to go? it hurts so much. Its like just yesterday i was bugging you to play stupid board games with me.. and how all of us used to play paintball, and cant forget the parties. . . I miss you so much. Not a day goes by that i dont think of you.. Your always on my mind.. I love you Abell.. 


To Michael's family  / Becky McDaniel (cousin)  Read >>
To Michael's family  / Becky McDaniel (cousin)
I was sorry to hear about Michael's passing.  I'll always remember him as an outgoing, bubbly boy.  I wish I had known him when he was older.  Peace and Love to all. Close
Memories / Alicia Runion-Salmon (Aunt)  Read >>
Memories / Alicia Runion-Salmon (Aunt)
My darling Michael. I will never forget the memorie that were made in March 1991 when Becky and I came from the state of WA to see you, Lara and be reunited with my Sis Cyndi. I will hold these pictures as precious moments and always seeing you full of laughter.
I will always love you sweetie.
Love Always, Your Aunt Alicia in WA and your cousin Becky Close
Memorial / Wendy (sis)  Read >>
Memorial / Wendy (sis)
Thinking of you all weekend. Getting together plans for memorial....to be held.....June 25th! I sure hope all your friends show up! I love you! And I miss you!  Thanks..you know why! Peace brother! 
Still can't believe it...  / T.K. Strauss (former co-worker )  Read >>
Still can't believe it...  / T.K. Strauss (former co-worker )
Mikee was a great guy. I worked w/his Mom for many years at "the worlds biggest toy store", and Mike would often put in an appearance. He was a good kid taken by unknown forces WAY too soon. I wish Mike and Cindy all the best. They know where to find me. Sorry it took so long for this.
I hope whoever had anything to do with his demise will suffer a horrible and painful demise.... Close
I'll miss you always  / Brooke Tomasetti (Friend)  Read >>
I'll miss you always  / Brooke Tomasetti (Friend)

I know I didn't know you for  long Abell but I loved you like a brother. I rember comin out side when ya'll had band practice.I'd sit there watching and listening to ya'll play.I miss that soo much more than anyone can understand.You were the funniest,koolest,nicest guy I ever met.I know I can't change whats happened but I wish you were still here bc theres not a day that goes by that I don't think of you buddy.Thanks for being there Abell I'll always miss you.

Miss ya  / Matt Tomasetti (Groupie and friend )  Read >>
Miss ya  / Matt Tomasetti (Groupie and friend )
hey mike miss ya man......i finally got the cd form sully the other day, and buddy it felt good hearing ur voice again.....i kept most of ur broken drum sitcks u left here.....and ive been thinking about u wondering how ur doing......and felt like stopping by agian to say hey.....love u man Close
good job lnd  / Jessi Broyles (friend)  Read >>
good job lnd  / Jessi Broyles (friend)
hey i just wanted to give a tribute to LND and say you guys did a great job on sorrows every time i listen to it i want to cry... it's so sad all the talent mike had wasted and for what?  you guys are great and i love the song it's awesome.  great job guys.  rest peacefully mike, see you on the other side : ) Close
A message to our loved ones  / Pam (Austin's mom )  Read >>
A message to our loved ones  / Pam (Austin's mom )

To our loved ones in Heaven

May you’ve found your way home

In a serene journey

Filled with unconditional love & peace


For us left, the days have turned to weeks

Weeks into months

An all too soon months into years

Since our hearts were left broken


We will always grief for you

For our bond remains strong

Yet don’t fret in what seems to be

Fruitless attempts to comfort us


For we know we will soar with you again

Once our earthly journey ends

Until then lets us grieve & rejoice in your memories

While you comfort us from your home above Close
Condolence / Alysha A. (Stranger)  Read >>
Condolence / Alysha A. (Stranger)

I was going thru this site lookin at a friends memorial site and stumbled on Michael's. It must hurt so much to lose someone so young and vibrant. Lookin at the pics can't imagine Michael's gone. He still looks alive in the pics.He lives on thru this site. Although I am a stranger Please accept my hertfelt condolences.

Just want to share some lines wit u
Man is not a human being havin a spiritual exprience,
But a spiritual being havin a human experience.
So let the spirit free to continue it's course. Close
Never Forget  / Paul Marks (Long time friend and bandmate from MYA )  Read >>
Never Forget  / Paul Marks (Long time friend and bandmate from MYA )
     I miss Mike more and more with each passing day. I see his face and his smile, his laugh, everything about him, in the actions of people I see come through work or pass by me at school. Noone compares to Mike. MYA forever. Close
Fishin / Ross Walker (Friend)  Read >>
Fishin / Ross Walker (Friend)
Hey Abell! Miss u man! Member that time we were supposed to have band practice and no one showed? haha we didnt give a damn, We were gonna go fishin instead but had the worst time tryin to get those stupid 33 fishin rods all strung up. Did that bother us, HELL NO. We decided then we would just do what we knew best. GET DRUNK. Damn those were some fun times. Miss you and im still thinkin of you bro! Love You, Ross Close
As long as you are missed, you will never be forgotten...........--........  / Wendy I. Miss U. More Than Ever! (I love you )  Read >>
As long as you are missed, you will never be forgotten...........--........  / Wendy I. Miss U. More Than Ever! (I love you )
..............and you will always missed by so many people, so there's absolutely no chance of that happening. I can't begin to explain how much we miss you. Your smile, your laughter, your faces, your stinky feet, your smart a** remarks, your goofyness, your tenderness, your compassion, your authenticity, your character, your charm (God, you were good with that, you could get anything you wanted), your presence..........it will always be noticably missing. I know life isn't ever going to be the same without you. At least not for most of us. You weren't suppose to go before me. That was not the deal. But I guess the Heavenly Father needed you for some reason. So having said that, I will do my best to have the best of times, even without you here. I know you wouldn't want it any other way. Sometimes I feel like a part of my heart has been ripped from me. I try not to think too hard about how much I miss you. When I do, it hurts so bad. Worse than anything I could have ever imagined. But then I take the focus off of myself and think about you. YOU. Michael.....who loved life, his family, his Christina, his friends, games, sports-baseball, football, lasertag, paintball, motorcross, pool, swimming, tennis, BMX, monster trucks, volleyball, fishing, Hide & Go seek in the dark, anything fun. So when I think of you and reflect, to me anyway, it looks like you had the "Time of Your Life". So to remember your life and at the same time, try to picture you now, it's good. "I can only imagine". I know how much you loved Jesus. And I know when you read Matthew, you cried. And you told me, "I will never complain about having a bad day again." You thought about the suffering of the Son of God. And you felt so much pain from that. Just knowing what he endured for us. That is the epitamy of compassion and love. I picture you in Heaven...............And then I smile.....for you. And then because you are so happy .....I am happy. Then it's all about living again. I just miss you kid, You were a pain in the butt sometimes, but you were at least part of my reason for living, and that part of me is gone, You took it with you. But you are giving me so much to take the place of that part of my heart. I have memories that will never EVER fade. I promise. I have part of you literally & figuretively speaking with me always. So until the day I get to hold you again, ........Have Fun up there.
p.s. Hey, did St.Finger shake his Peter at you when you got there? Ha Ha!
I love you Michael. Forever your sister in Christ & in blood. Peace.
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